Saturday, June 03
#OB Party

Get ready for an evening of playful revelry and exhilaration at the #OB Party, taking place on Saturday, June 3rd. Known as one of the most exclusive Hip-Hop events in San Francisco, this soirée has earned the title of the city's ultimate celebration. Prepare to be enthralled as celebrities, singers, and professional athletes grace the event, infusing the night with an air of excitement.

Held at Love + Propaganda, the renowned boutique nightclub crowned the best in the country in 2018, we're coming together to commemorate the birthday of the illustrious Mr. Fassil, the visionary behind #OB Party. Let the infectious beats of DJs Shabazz, Jay Neal, and Fabes guide your moves on the dance floor, creating an atmosphere brimming with mirth and playful indulgence.

Secure your tickets now and join us for an extraordinary evening that promises delightful surprises and unforgettable moments at every turn during the #OB Party experience!

For table reservations call 415.205.5045 or email