Saturday, October 12
50 Shades of Pink w / D SHARP


The doorman and management reserve all rights to decline entry of any guest not in proper dress code. No sports attire or athletic gear, baseball caps, tennis shoes, baggy clothes. We respectfully encourage everyone to dress up and look stylish and put their best foot forward when attending Love + Propaganda.

DJ D Sharp was not born with an equal edge. His melodic congruence is boosted by his Oakland influence. The spin of his turn tables rips dance floors and push all of the right angles. From Rome to Rio… From Manila to Madrid… There is no border that has not been blazed by the wunderkind. Combining subtle melodic shifts, synthesized with a devastating touch. D Sharp bleeds a vast array of musical genres with a fluidity and fluency that is unrivaled. His prestigious and robust client list only cements his rhythmic wrath on the wheels of steel. A veritable cornucopia which includes Fortune 500 companies, foreign dignitaries, and the hottest venues in the world. Rocking the social networking halls of Facebook. WORLD CHAMPIONS

Blowing the roof off of the shimmering, iridescent towers in Las Vegas. Even tickling the vinyl for our esteemed Commander in Chief Barack Obama. Now the official DJ of the reigning Champs Golden State Warriors, DJ D Sharp raises the decibel levels of 20,000 strong at the now infamous Oracle Arena. So as you see… There is no venue too quaint or no arena too grand that this DJ can not mold and bend to his skillful hands. If music is the elixir for the soul, then D Sharp is the instrument to help you move your bones. There is no mob he cannot cut. No crowd he cannot pierce. Because while all men may be created equal… DJ D Sharp reminds us that this is not the case for all DJ’s.