Friday, November 25
No Tell Motel w/ Addal & Henri PFR

For table reservations call 415.205.5045 or email

'Emotional music' this is the concept behind Addal.

Born to satisfy the human needs of emotions, passion and feelings.

It’s the pure essence of love turned into music

Henri PFR is not your average 20 year old. Releasing his debut at 14, Brussels based Henri caught the ear of both the public and his peers and in 2014 scored a global club it with “Tarida” released on Armin Van Buuren’s label.

Henri’s knack for melody, combined with his sunny disposition, shines through in his music that has a lightness of touch rarely found in the EDM world.

With several new remixes, releases on labels such as Warner and Sony, a collaboration with Robin Schulz and a busy touring schedule, expect to hear a lot more from this talented young producer over the coming months. His new single is called "One People".